Store and Share


The so called Web 3.0 doesn't rely on a specific server to store your data, instead it uses a very complex system to store your files, either complete or in part, in several nodes or servers worldwide. To learn more about how decentralized storage works, please visit the Decentralized Storage Technology page.


All your files are encrypted before being uploaded to several nodes, only you and those who get a valid share token will be able to access your files. Files are always downloaded from the closest and fastest locations, ensuring that every download will be as fast as possible.

By using decentralized storage, even if one (or even more) node(s) go down, your files will still be available from the peer network, creating the most fault-tolerant file hosting ecosystem.

Sharing a file with friends, family, co-workers, business partners or customers takes only a couple clicks.


What makes our Store and Share service stand out from the rest.

100% Secure

All your files are encrypted and split into several chunks, so no one, not even the node administrators, can access your files.

Decentralized structure

Your files are replicated in several nodes worldwide, so it doesn't matter if a node goes down or if a hard drive crashes, your files will be safely stored in a distributed network.

Lightning fast downloads

The decentralized network will always get chunks from the closest and fastest node, so it doesn't matter if one of your customers is in Asia while another one is in Africa, they'll both get top download speeds.

World wide availability

There are nodes in every continent, and almost in every country, so forget about broken or inaccessible download links.

Cost efficient

Our Store and Share is more cost efficient than most cloud storage providers. Plus we add the stability, security and reliability of the decentralized network.

File signature verification

Every time a file is re-assembled when a download is requested, the signature for each chunk and for the file as a whole is verified against several nodes to ensure file integrity.

Store and Share is provided as an add-on to our 3D conversion services, you can check the current pricing here. In order to sign up for Store and Share, please log into your 3DWizz account here.


10 Mb block

  • 10 Mb Storage
  • 50 Mb Transfer

100 Mb block

  • 100 Mb Storage
  • 500 Mb Transfer

1000 Mb block

  • 1000 Mb Storage
  • 5000 Mb Transfer

10000 Mb block

  • 10000 Mb Storage
  • 50000 Mb Transfer